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Finally. An All-Chocolate Bathroom Where You’ll Want To Eat The Brown Stuff

August 20, 2014 // 10:50 am

In today’s edition of, ahem, shit nobody asked for, has partnered with U.K. chocolate designers Choccywoccydoodah to create an impressive bathroom set including toilet, tub, basin, and bidet that’s made of more than $133,000 worth of Belgian chocolate.

The idea, reports NY Daily News, came from…

Now You Can Buy Potato Chips Made Out of Beef Jerky

August 19, 2014 // 4:01 pm

They’re called “Cherkees.” Yes, really.

Designed to recreate the taste of beef jerky without the annoying, incessant chewing, Cherkees are a “hand crafted,” low fat and high-protein snack comprised of real bits of jerky and real bits of potato. They also kind of look like scabs. (… =/)

Just In Time: Fantastic New Doctor Who Restaurant Opens In New York

August 15, 2014 // 9:50 am

Brace yourselves, Whovians. The Pandorica is open.

But don’t worry, this time it’s a good thing.

Just in time for the premiere of series 8 on August 23, The Pandorica is an amazing Doctor Who-themed restaurant that has just regenerated re-opened in upstate New York after a recent series…

Slide Whistle Straws Let You Drink Like a Cartoon Character

August 15, 2014 // 9:24 am

There’s an old episode of Spongebob Squarepants in which Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward get their hands on some slide whistles and proceed to add inappropriate sound effects to EVERYTHING in Bikini Bottom — from automatic doors opening to lover’s quarrels. While we don’t recommend being that insufferable, these “Wet…

These Bacon-Wrapped Ramen Sushi Rolls Are Also Covered in Sriracha

August 14, 2014 // 5:09 pm

After the release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, self-proclaimed sushi “experts” abounded. All of a sudden, the same people who gorged on cream cheese-stuffed Philadelphia rolls began eating nigiri with their hands instead of chopsticks and judging anyone who dared mix their wasabi and soy sauce.

Maybe it’s about…

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