Make Pixel Hearts, Mushrooms and Censored Things With This 8-Bit Waffle Iron


Waffles are fun. They're like pancakes, but with tiny butter and syrup jacuzzis built right in.

Now, for even more waffle fun, consider investing in this Pixel Waffle Maker, a 9" by 9" stainless steal waffle iron that allows you to create custom pixelated cartoons in your breakfast.


In case it's hard to tell from the photo, the Pixel comes with a silicone tray and squares you can push down to create any design of your choosing, from hearts (as pictured) to poorly censored penises. Oh come on, don't pretend you weren't thinking it.

The project has yet to hit stores, but you can help pick a decent price point for when it does over at Quirky.

H/T + PicThx Geekologie