This Crazy Caramel Apple is Coated With Caramel Apple Oreos


Gotta love apples. They're a welcome fall staple, far less obnoxious than pumpkins, and also happen to taste great dipped in caramel and caramel apple-flavored Oreos. Who'd have thunk.


Because peanuts are just so passé, Nick Chipman of Dude Foods decided he'd trade everyone's favorite crunchy legume for Oreo's new limited edition, Target-exclusive Caramel Apple flavor cookies. The process, Chipman writes, was simple. After trekking through three different Target locations to find the treats, it was just a matter of dipping some pommes in caramel and coating them in crushed up Oreo bits.

Of course, because the cookies are both caramel and apple flavored (and because they're, well, cookies), the sugar here can probably get a bit overwhelming. But that's what the fruit's for right? #Healthychoices.