Dunkin' Releases Coffee-Flavored Granola Bar to Pair With Your Coffee-Flavored Donuts … And Granola


Coffee and donuts are ubiquitous, and coffee-flavored donuts are inspired, but sometimes you have to remember you're not 15 anymore and you should probably start eating grown-up shit like herbal tea and granola bars.


Dunkin' understands, which is (we think) why they've decided to create their new Dunkin' Go granola bars. Made with seven grams of protein, eight B-vitamins, 12 grams of whole grains, and un-distilled essence of baby laughter, the things also taste like Dunkin' Donuts coffee. You know, to help you forget you're not drinking coffee, or if you are, remind you of your coffee addiction.

Dunkin' Go Bars will be available starting next Monday the 29th at participating Dunkin' locations. They're also partnering with Wrigley Foodservice to make Orbit gum and Altoids available in stores, so you'll have to blame something other than coffee for that morning breath.