AIR FOOD ONE: Now You Can Get Airplane Food Delivered, Sadly Not via a Tiny Cart


Do you dream of murky cardboard trays and tiny bottles of Smirnoff? Well weirdo, you're in luck. Online German grocer has partnered with Lufthansa airlines to launch Air Food One — a home delivery service specializing in, yeah, airplane food. Because Stouffer's just can't compare.



The good news is the food is supposedly "business-class quality," says Mashable — meaning plates of peppered chicken breast, pumpkin gnocchi, and emperor bream with herb risotto. No peanut bags up in here. The frozen meals also match the offerings currently available on the airline each week, for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less than what they're paying 30,000 feet up in the air.


In-flight movies, extra leg-room, and chances to join the mile-high club sadly not included, either.