White Castle Now Testing Marinara Pizza Sliders Topped With Pepperoni and Mozzarella


Pizza and White Castle — two things that taste great on their own, but absolutely orgasmic when you've got the drunchies. Now, the east coast's best little slider stand wants to make it so you'll never have to choose between them again.

Available for a limited time is a new series of Italian-inspired White Castle sliders — "Italian" meaning topped with a swath of marinara and slice of mozzarella. There's the Crispy Chicken Italiano, Grilled Chicken Italiano, and the Pizza, which features a square beef patty topped with pepperoni, and, yeah, marinara and mozzarella.



Why WC's caught the Italian fever all of a sudden is anyone's guess, but we're going to assume it's vampires until further notice. Side of garlic anyone?

H/T + PicThx Grubgrade