Somebody Invented a 'Ramen Spoon' That's Basically a More Useful Spork


Because the struggles of eating with two hands are just too damn real, Japanese designer Masami Takashi recently created this two-in-one "ramen spoon" that allows you, using a specially-designed four-pronged ladle, to sip your soup and chew your noodles all in one bite.

Conceived for Japan's Sugakiya ramen chain, the glorified spork is stainless steel and dishwasher safe contraption that eliminates the need to switch between your left and right hands using separate chopsticks and soup spoons. The amazing part is that, unlike the spork, the prongs on this thing are actually long enough to hold noodles and be worth a damn. The sad part is you no longer get to look like a disgruntled anime character.


Still, soup and noodles in one go, can you really complain?

Museum of Modern Art Stainless Steel Ramen Spoon/Fork: ~$30 @ Amazon

H/T + PicThx HuffPo