Turns Out Air-Filled Potato Chip Bags Make Excellent Floaties


Students in South Korea are combatting the tyranny of "mostly-air" potato chip bags by tying a bunch together and floating down a 574 foot wide river. Sounds like an excellent plan.

Earlier this week, the students Sung Taek Chang, Sungo Ho Yoo, and Hyun Soo Park posted a video of themselves testing a prototype floatie made from 30 or so chip bags supporting one of the boy's weights in an unidentified shallow body of water. Their proposed two-person raft will be made of 180 bags and be used on a river that stretches 300 miles and reaches up to half a mile wide in some areas. According to Kotaku, the boys plan to set out on their expedition as early as tomorrow.


For those who aren't already aware, the air in potato chip bags is meant to prevent the chips from breaking and crumbling in transit, though this is an amusing way to gripe about the lack of actual chips. Maybe instead of "air," chip companies can start filing their bags with helium. Potato chip bag-UP house, anyone?