McDonald's Bringing TWIX MCFLURRY To The US


If you're a fan of McDonald's classic candy-filled ice cream, you'll be happy to hear that another of your favorite candy bars is being McFlurried and brought to US soil.

According to Grub Grade, the Twix McFlurry has been spotted in Indiana and will be available in Florida as early as May 25.


The Twix McFlurry has been available in places such as the UK and Aruba, but it looks like we'll finally start seeing it on US menus.

We took a look at the description on the UK menu and it looks like this McFlurry won't be much different than its Oreo and M&M's counterparts. It will still contain the McDonald's creamy, soft serve ice cream and will have Twix chocolate-coated cookie (or biscuits, as they call them) bits mixed in. They'll then top off the ice cream with swirls of a chocolate caramel sauce.

It could just be a test run as of now, but hopefully this leads to a national release!