Steve-O Takes On Insane Hot Wing Challenge Against Doctor's Orders

Those who have followed Steve-O throughout his career know that it's a miracle he's still with us. Steve-O has stapled his ball sack to his leg, put a venomous spider in his mouth, and has been shot in the ass with a BB gun, amongst  several other terrible, terrible things he's accomplished.

The former Wildboy has been through a lot of self-inflicted hell, yet with that kind of reputation, he was still hesitant to go through this hot wing challenge. Adding to the lore of his bravery, Steve-O mentions his doctor advises him against eating spicy foods. But he's Steve-O, so of course he's going to go on a show with the spiciest hot wings on the planet.


First We Feast's latest episode of Hot Ones had Steve-O go through 10 wings, (vegan, by Steve-O's request) and each one was hotter than the last.

As the Jackass alum made his way through each boneless wing, he told insane stories of diving off a balcony, his infamous Sea World protest, and YouTube's influence on physical-style pranks.

As scared as Steve-O seemed at the start of the interview, he actually took the heat pretty well, as you would expect a butt-stapling maniac to do.