Watch A Carl's Jr. Franchisee Owner Commit Multiple Atrocious Health Code Violations

If you get disgusted easily, you might as well go to another article now because the video footage above might get you thinking twice about your next fast food fix. By no means am I saying the industry as a whole is like this — because we would be downright sick as hell if this was the norm, but there are a small percentage of food handlers that get away with terrible practices. Take for example this Carl's Jr. owner committing health code violations.

Jack Webb, an owner of a Carl's Jr. franchise location in Alberta, Canada, has been caught on camera committing a multitude of health code violations inside his Carl's Jr. kitchen. According to CBC News, multiple employees of the restaurant confided in the restaurant's former manager, Andrew Minnes, about the owner's apparent neglect.

The security camera footage shows Webb all caught up, clearly without a care about his customers' well-being. He's shown dipping his entire arm in a large container to mix BBQ sauce, pouring sauces from one container to the other using only his hands, potentially cross-contaminating items, dropping food on the floor only to pick it up and serve it, and other disgusting acts.


Since the surfacing of these violations, health authorities have temporarily banned Webb from the restaurant's kitchen. Although this Carl's Jr. owner committing health code violations shows a complete lack of responsibility, I should reiterate that this idiot is not a proper representation of the fast food industry's diligence for safety standards.