Hooters Forced To Close Restaurants Because Millennials Aren't That Into Breasts Anymore

America's eating habits change quite frequently, moving from one foodie trend to the next, causing many eateries of the BBQ, chicken wing, and ice cream variation to pop up all over the place. We can't complain because our taste buds reap the reward.

A recent study done by PornHub (Don't worry, that link is SFW) has revealed that there has been a significant shift in the search histories of men all over America. Their insights show that millennial men between the ages of 18-24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts (or any other vernacular of the word), while ages 55-64 are 17% more likely.


What does this have to do with food? It looks like Hooters has been troubled by this recent change in trends. This change has caused the restaurant chain to close a number of its locations throughout the country since 2012.


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Despite Hooters updating their restaurants in order to attract millennials, they have struggled to keep up in the market.

Sorry Hooters, it seems that this correlation between late night searches and chicken wing preferences have made things difficult.  "Breastaurants" are no longer that appealing to most millennial Americans.  Perhaps a name change might be in order? How about "Fannys" or "Tushies?"