Wingstop Launches New Thighstop Concept

Wingstop has just unveiled a new concept, called Thighstop, that addresses many folks' fears over a wing shortage in America. With recent demand for chicken wings skyrocketing, Thighstop takes aim at the issue and opens a lane for the tender, juicy thigh to get some shine.


Thighstop will be located at over 1,400 locations nationwide and has an exclusive partnership with DoorDash to make sure fried chicken lovers all over are covered.

Thighstop will draw upon the same 11 Wingstop flavors to be used on its crispy thighs, along with breaded boneless thigh options being available as well.

It's a genius idea, really, since you're getting more crispy, tender meat dolled up in the same beloved sauces and flavors that have made Wingstop a mainstay for fried chicken aficionados everywhere.