Move Over Fast Food, This Breakfast Sandwich Is Completely VEGAN

It can be hard to find good comfort food when trying to live a plant-based lifestyle, especially when it comes to breakfast. This is largely because living this way encourages one to pay attention to the ramifications of any excess consumption. Part of it is because, well, most comfort food relies on some sort of meat. To this, Munchies Vegan Diner in Santa Ana, CA scoffs.

They’ve been making vegan comfort food for the last couple years. One of their best items is the Vegan Classic Breakfast Sandwich, which will be featured at the Vegan Brunchdown presented by Java Monster in LA this Saturday, November 2nd.


Made with vegan sausage, cheese, egg, hash browns, ketchup, and wrapped up in an English muffin, the dish is perfect for anyone needing a boost in the morning. Even better, pair it with the new Java Monster Farmer’s Oats beverage to get a plant-based morning kickstart fit for anyone’s lifestyle.

Check out the video above to see the breakdown of the sandwich and peep our previous coverage of Java Monster’s new drink to get the lowdown on that. Both of these items, along with a ton of other delicious vegan foods, can be found at this weekend’s Vegan Brunchdown, which you can RSVP for at