Sam's Club Is Selling A MASSIVE 44-Ounce Cinnamon Roll For Under $5

Sam's Club, aka Walmart's version of Costco, is supersizing one of America's favorite breakfast items with a brand new 44-ounce cinnamon roll that they just released in stores.

44-ounce cinnamon roll
Photo courtesy of Sam's Club


For those keeping track, 44 ounces translates to 2.75 total pounds of cinnamon, sugar, dough, and icing. That's the equivalent of roughly 3 and a half full tubes, or 30 individual pieces, of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. At Walmart, each of those packages costs about $2.18, so you'd think that this massive cinnamon roll would cost at least $7-$8, minimum.

However, a Sam's Club representative has confirmed to Foodbeast that the 44-ounce Cinnamon Roll will only set you back $4.98. Considering that this can feed 10-14 people easily, that's an insanely good deal for what would better be classified as a cinnamon roll cake.

You do need a Sam's Club membership or a friend with one willing to help you out to get in on this mountain of a dessert. It's also only available through the holiday season, so make sure to roll up to Walmart's wholesale store before that period ends if you want this behemoth of a sugar rush.