Gordon Ramsay Talks About What Legalizing Weed Would Do To The Country

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Over the last couple years, we've seen an uptick in cannabis-infused food, from weed Oreos, to entire cannabis brunches.


Well, the great Gordon Ramsay gave his take on the matter, as he's not exactly against it, but it doesn't look like he's going to be incorporating the plant in his food any time soon.

During a Reddit IAmA, Ramsay was asked cannabis cooking, and he said:


"Haha, yea, I mean, the scary thing for me is getting legalized in a different states across the country. I understand the purpose of it for medicinal use, I get that, but I'm slightly nervous that if it's legal without an issue medically, we can have a nation as high as a kite. Food wise, I get high off perfection, I don't need cannabis."

So Ramsay gets high off his perfectly made food, and doesn't feel he needs any additional help from the drug.

Makes sense, because I feel a bit high after going in on a perfectly-cooked steak.