Watch This Record-Breaking Competitive Eater Down The Entire Panda Express Menu In One Sitting

When I hit up Panda Express for a quick meal, a regular 2-item plate tends to fill me for the rest of the day. With that in mind, watching competitive eater Raina crush the entire Panda Express menu in just 45 minutes was absolutely mind-boggling.

Raina went with Foodbeasts Marc and Elie to Panda Express to attempt the challenge on Going In, Foodbeast's new YouTube and Facebook Watch show. Elie and Marc got their own, more manageable meals, while Raina casually ordered everything, totalling over two trays' worth of food. For those wondering, here is Raina's complete order:

Sides: 1 large Chow Mein, 1 large Fried Rice


Entrees (all in small sizes):  Beijing Beef, Shanghai Angus Steak, String Bean Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Eggplant Tofu, 8 Treasure Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Sweetfire Chicken Breast, Broccoli Beef, Mushroom Chicken, and Black Pepper Chicken

Appetizers (small order of each): Chicken Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Cream Cheese Rangoons

The final price of all of that food was at least $75 (it came out to just under $100 factoring in Elie and Marc's orders). In terms of nutrition, Raina consumed a staggering 4,500 calories (not factoring in the drink). That means she ate enough to feed 2 people for an entire day in 45 minutes.

For proof of time, peep Raina's full video of the challenge below:


What's even crazier about Raina's feat is that technically, this wasn't a speedrun attempt, but a mukbang video. Throughout the entire 45 minutes, Elie and Marc were interviewing her, with topics ranging from her In-N-Out world record to chugging a gallon of water every night. Without all of those distractions going on, it's safe to say she could've finished the whole Panda Express menu in an even shorter time than that.

Once the challenge was all wrapped up, Raina also ordered some takeout for the road, so she had plenty of room in her belly for another go-around. How she manages to stuff all that food in there, I will never know.