McDonald's Just Added Fried Churros To Its Pastry Menu, Here's Where To Find Them


Whenever a fast food restaurant outside the US gets a cool, new menu item, we get a little jealous. So knowing that South Koreans can now munch on delicious fried churros at McDonald's, our hearts are breaking into a million little cinnamon sugar crystals.

The churros seem to be pretty standard long, thin, cinnamon sugar-covered pastries, and will be selling for 1,500 won, or $1.30 in 'Merica money, according to Brand Eating.

The commercial below is not translated, but it looks like these churros can and will turn you into an 18th century orchestra leader:


Sure, you can go to El Pollo Loco, or Taco Bell for your churro fix, but it'd be nice to have more options.

Step up your game, McDonald's US.