Bottled Big Mac, McChicken And Filet-O-Fish Sauces Now Available In McDonald's Canada

Turns out that McDonald's isn't done distributing their bottled Big Mac Sauce just yet.

Following a successful campaign in which bottles of Big Mac sauce were distributed across the United States, McDonald's Canada announced that they would begin selling bottles of sauce that go on three of McDonald's signature sandwiches: the Big Mac, the McChicken, and the Filet-O-Fish.


The sauce bottles were revealed at the Grocery and Specialty Food West Show in Vancouver, Canada. The bottled condiments featuring McDonald's versions of Thousand Island, mayonnaise, and tartar sauce respectively will be developed in tandem with Kraft Heinz, according to the Huffington Post.

McDonald's Canada has confirmed that the bottles can be found on Canadian grocery shelves sometime this spring.


We're definitely jealous that Canada gets first crack at buying these bottles, and are hoping that all three sauces make their way to the United States sometime soon.

In the meantime, if somebody in Canada would be kind enough to send us some, that would be great.