Here's Exactly Where To Find McDonald's Limited Edition Big Mac Sauce Bottles


Yesterday, we discovered McDonald's major reveal for Jan. 26. The fast food chain will be releasing 10,000 limited-edition bottles of Big Mac Sauce to select McDonald's locations in the United States.

Because 10,000 just isn't that much, avid Mac Sauce fans will have to plan ahead to ensure they get their hands on one of the limited bottles.


After all, there's definitely one less now that McDonald's sent us one of those bottles:

McDonald's created an iMessage app that highlights the nearest McDonald's where the limited edition bottle will be available.



Patrons will have to show up at the restaurant and share this secret code with the employee:

There's a Big Mac for that.


If you're nowhere near one of the participating locations, McDonald's will be giving away a few bottles through social media promotions on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

The bottles will be available on a" first come, first serve" basis while supplies last. We recommend checking your nearest McDonald's hours ahead of tomorrow's launch to get an idea when to arrive, since McDonald's hours vary across the country.

Best of luck to everyone trying tomorrow. Make sure to buss a move if you want that Mac Sauce.