Finally, an In-N-Out-Inspired Gangnam Style Parody -- Oppa Animal Style!

Working in food news, there are plenty of internet crazes we sadly don't get to play along with, one of the most recent being PSY's ridiculously entertaining video (and subsequent horse-inspired dance craze) for "Gangnam Style."

Well my fellow food writers and readers, rejoice. Youtube user ActRecordingly has just released an In-N-Out inspired Gangnam Style parody, just in time to fit into that tiny window of ADD-riddled opportunity before PSY goes from being weirdly awesome to unbearably annoying.


And okay, so the lines aren't particularly inspired and the production quality is only so-so, reminding everyone of just how far we've really come since Youtube's early days, but it might be worth it just to hear the guy's respectively creative (and always true) pre-chorus whoop: "I want Animal Style!"

[Via LAist]