This Guy Just Ate Chipotle Every Day For A Year And Looks Like A Beast


Update: As of August 30, Cunningham has gone 406 straight days eating Chipotle, going far and beyond his 366-day goal.

This is one of those stories where you read the burrito diet headline and start tagging all your Chipotle-loving friends with comments like, "This is you," or "Are you down?" Those comments are always cute and in good fun, but Devin Cunningham of Bellevue, Washington actually did it.

Not only did Cunningham go an entire 366-straight days (including leap year) eating at least one Chipotle meal, he celebrated the next day by eating MORE CHIPOTLE.


"If I didn't have to pay for it, I would do another year!" Cunningham told Foodbeast.

When you hear that someone ate Chipotle every day for a year, you probably think he's going to look like this:

However, Cunningham went into this thing with legitimate fitness goals, so he didn't just mindlessly scarf down his Chipotle meals—he carefully measured the amount of protein, carbs, fat and calories he consumed every day. Additionally, he worked out five to six times a week, training hard for the killer Chipotle-filled body he currently possesses.


Cunningham wasn't really out of shape at the start of this journey, but he set fitness goals for himself where he dropped from 156 pounds with 12 percent body fat, all the way down to 139 pounds and 8 percent body fat, making him look like a terrifying UFC fighter:


Even Chipotle took notice of the amazing burrito feat, Tweeting out this photo after Cunningham hit his 366th day, July 25.


Trying to prove that you can eat what you love and still be fit, Devin reflected on his journey by saying:

Don't give up on your fitness goals. You see yourself everyday in the mirror, so it is really hard to see any change. Take photos to document your progress and don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

Even the most hardcore Chipotle lover would have a hard time matching Cunningham's year-long commitment to burritos, so it's safe to say this diet is one for the record books.

For a closer look at Cunningham's Chipotle journey, check this in-depth talk and story we had with him, here.