Guy Spends Nearly A Year Eating Chipotle Daily, Here's What His Body Looks Like

Devin Cunningham’s story reads like that of a man who has found true love and works his ass off to make that relationship work. He couldn’t imagine a day without his loved one, has essentially lived his life for it and has even dramatically left the country in order to show how strong that love is. The only odd thing about this love, is that it isn’t for another person, but for Chipotle burritos.

We all remember the kid who once said, “Oh, my God. I love Chipotle. Chipotle is my life,” but Cunningham, 25, of Bellevue, Washington has taken that idea literally, as he's on the back end of a 366-day "Chipotle Diet" that has helped him keep a ridiculously shredded physique.

He’s not a personal trainer, he’s not a fitness guru, he’s just a regular guy who taught himself how to workout and diet.

This dude is already 326 days into this diet, eating a Chipotle meal every single day since July 24, 2015, but the journey wasn't easy, as Cunningham was FORCED to leave the country in order to keep the dream alive.

When news hit last November that US Chipotle stores were hit with a massive E. Coli outbreak that affected 52 people, the Mexcian-ish restaurant had massive store closures that led to all of Cunningham’s nearby stores to shut down for TWO WEEKS.

“That’s when I started to panic," Cunningham told Foodbeast.


In a bind, Cunningham jumped in the car with his girlfriend, took a three-hour road trip to Vancouver, Canada and used the Canadian turf to bring back home two weeks-worth of burritos. He stored all those burritos in the freezer and continued his quest, even when it seemed impossible.

Not only did Cunningham have to drive all the way out to Canada, but on the way back home, his window got stuck, forcing him to drive with the window down, in the pouring rain.

Now that's love, and dedication.

As many who have tried adjusting their diets know, it’s common to stay away from fast food spots, as burgers and burritos aren't typically seen as the healthiest choices. If you're careful and calculated, though, you can actually get away with it, and Cunningham is setting the standard for eating fast food healthily.


Cunningham has carefully counted every calorie, every gram of protein, carbohydrates and fat, on his way to eating one Chipotle meal, every day for an entire year while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In theory, Cunningham’s “If it fits your macros” belief—which dieters have used to strategically, and flexibly eat everyday foods—allows him to eat anything he wants if measured correctly, but you still have to be careful.

“If I want, I can have a Big Mac,” Cunningham said to Foodbeast.” “But a Big Mac would take up all my fat macros for the day, so good luck eating anything else. Other fast food has really dense calories… so it would be a lot harder to do it, but you technically could do it.”

Cunningham has been documenting his year-long journey (plus an extra day for Leap Year) on Instagram, being fully transparent about his meals and showing his body transformations in the process.

At one point in his diet, Cunningham was trying to bulk up and would ask for double meat, extra guacamole, and cheese, eating as much as he could in order to gain weight, but when wanting to lose weight, he’d ask the workers to separate the rice and cheese so he could take it home and weigh the portions himself, according to his weight loss goals.


At his biggest, the Chipotle Monster bulked up from 156 pounds, to 172 pounds, and while slimming down for the summer, Cunningham went down to 146 pounds, losing 26 pounds, as of this writing.

“You can use Chipotle to bulk up,” Cunningham told Foodbeast. “You can use Chipotle to maintain your weight, you can use Chipotle to cut down to a low body fat.”

Cunningham works out about an hour a day, five to six days a week, combined with his Chipotle meal and regular meals, it has led him to this body:

In the end, Cunningham is trying to put an end to excuses. If this dude can eat Chipotle every freakin’ day for a year and still look like an Avenger, why can’t we?

“I want to inspire people to get fit and not do these stupid crash diets that don’t work,” Cunningham said to Foodbeast. “You can stay fit, live a healthy lifestyle and eat Chipotle every single day of the year.”