Beef Jerky Company Markets Itself As The 'Ashley Madison' For Vegans

Vegans who are considering cheating on themselves and their diets may have found a new ally.

Beef jerky subscription box company, Stick In A Box, has launched an advertising campaign in which it labels itself as "Ashley Madison" for vegans.

For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, Ashley Madison is an online dating service that married persons looking to "spice up their life a little" could find someone to cheat on their spouse with. Similarly, Stick In A Box aims to sell its jerky by telling vegans that it's okay to cheat on their lifestyle and have a little jerky instead.


The company apparently came up with the idea a couple of years ago, and asked the internet whether it would work or not. While nobody replied to that particular response, Stick In A Box apparently decided to run with it anyway, and it has begun to generate some talk on the internet.

While it's not totally clear as to whether this is a joke or not, Stick In A Box is starting to make a blip in the radar, as vegans and meat eaters alike have taken to the Internet with their responses to this campaign.


It's enough to get people talking, that's for sure, and in any marketing campaign, if you get people to talk about your product or business, that's all that matters.

Plus, it's pretty hilarious to see Stick In A Box tempt and troll vegans with their advertising.