Three Michelin-Star Restaurant Owner Asks To Be Removed From the Esteemed Guide

After enjoying about 18 years as one of the world's top restaurants, one French restaurant is asking the esteemed Michelin guide to take their three-Michelin-star restaurant off of the list.

Sébastien Bras, current owner of Le Suquet à Laguiole and son of world-famous chef Michel Bras, has formally requested that his restaurant not be mentioned in the 2018 Michelin Guide. Bras has been in charge of the Michelin-star restaurant for the past 10 years.

Le Monde reports that Bras's reasoning for this decision is the pressures and expectations that come with operating such a high-quality dining spot. Bras hopes to proceed forward "with a free spirit and without stress, to offer a cuisine and service that represents that spirit and our land."


In a video statement posted to the Bras Official Facebook page, Bras says that he wants to open a chapter of his career "without the award of the Michelin Guide, but with so much passion for the kitchen." It seems like Bras is hoping to make some changes to his restaurant without having to deal with potential criticism from Michelin Guide inspectors, which can put serious pressure on a restaurant's Michelin star rating.

Michelin executive committee member Claire Dorland-Clauzel says that the request is "a first" for the Michelin Guide. The request is going to be considered, but Dorland-Clauzel made no guarantees to Le Monde, saying that the guide is made for customers, not restaurant owners.