Alcoholic Frozen Butterbeer Is The Ultimate Boozy Harry Potter Dessert

When you go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, one item you're likely going to purchase is the famous Butterbeer. Available warm, cold, or frozen, this butterscotch soda with a creamy topping is beloved by tons of park attendees.

However, there's always been one thing missing from Butterbeer that would make it truly live up to its name: alcohol. Of course, Universal likely wouldn't sell that in its theme parks, but you can always make your own version at home.


If you're looking for a good starting point for a boozy Butterbeer, look no further than this video from YouTube channel SORTEDfood. They've taken the quintessential cream soda delight from Universal and punched it up with a few additions. SORTED did their research in the actual books, but also chose to give their Butterbeer the alcoholic twist we've all been missing from the theme park version.

SORTED's version is also frozen, so it's a great way to cool down if you host a Harry Potter-themed get-together over the summer. A warning, though, drinking this Butterbeer may require a pants-stretching spell.