You'll Want To Lasso This Mac And Cheese Stuffed BRISKET BURRITO

When I think Texas-style BBQ, I think of hearty, tender brisket, awesome smoked sausages, and creamy mac and cheese on the side.

Turns out I don't have to go Texas to get all three of those things at once. I can get them wrapped up and on-the-go in Huntington Park, CA, a Los Angeles suburb.


Instagram user GrubFiend pointed us to Ray's BBQ and their monstrous Brisket Burrito. This bad boy comes loaded with everything you'd want in a Texas barbecue-inspired burrito. It starts with a mac-and-cheese base, barbecued beans, tender smoked brisket, and Jalapeno-cheddar sausage links that the owner, Rene "Ray" Ramirez, brings in from Texas. The whole thing then gets wrapped into a flour tortilla, creating a monstrous fusion masterpiece of barbecue and burritos, all-in-one.


While this may be a fusion item, it's based on some of the most authentic Texas-style barbecue in the greater Los Angeles area. Rene "Ray" Ramirez, opened up Ray's in 2014, and it's quickly turned into one of the top places to get Texan brisket and baby back ribs in SoCal. It's drawn comparisons to other famous BBQ places in the country, including Franklin's BBQ in Austin, which is often considered to be one of barbecue's gold standards.


Ray's BBQ is already a pretty popular spot in Los Angeles, and is only open for a few hours a day Tuesday through Saturday. Their official hours are from 10-4, but they will close earlier if they sell out, presenting a unique challenge of trying to get your hands on some Ray's brisket before it's gone for the day.

If you go to Ray's, grab one of these burritos to get the full Texas barbecue experience — all wrapped up in a hefty, handheld smorgasbord of flavor.