Kitchen Hack Turns Your Fridge Into A Pizza Roll Dispenser [WATCH]

When I got my new fridge, I used my ice dispenser as it was intended, for ice, like a sucker.

Apparently there are better uses for it, like instant access to your pizza rolls.


Chase Laub posted a video to YouTube, showing how his ice dispenser was transformed into a snack dispenser, as he used a classic Winnie the Pooh plate to activate it, and let the little pizza heroes fall in a dramatic cascade of munchies.

This makes us wonder what else we could be using the ice dispenser for. Maybe fill it with mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, even Oreo churros? Getting rid of that pesky ice leaves so much more room for other creative liberties we can take with the dispenser!

We have to thank Chase for showing us that traditional use of ice dispensers needs to stay in 2016. Dispensing pizza rolls are exactly how we want to spend 2017.