Beer Made Out Of Actual Piss Exists And We're Grossed Out

Okay, this might be one of the grossest beers I've ever seen in my life.

Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus has a beer called "Pisner" that is literally made using 50,000 liters of recycled urine. They collected the urine at the Roskilde Music Festival in 2015, then used it to fertilize the fields of barley that went into making their new brew.


Yes, that does mean that there isn't actual piss in your beer, but the thought of that much piss being used on fields of barley is a little too much for me.

It's apparently being used to replace factory-made plant nutrients or animal manure as fertilizer as a way to recycle urine. The Pisner may be environmentally conscious as a result, but the name and claim of this brew will definitely keep me from touching a bottle.

Norrebro Bryghus was only able to produce 60,000 bottles, though, so hopefully this piss beer won't be around for the long run.