Newly Discovered 'Pink Floyd Shrimp' Can Kill Nearby Fish With Sound

Urban legend says that legendary band Pink Floyd once killed all of the fish in a nearby pond because their concert was so loud.


While that myth has been debunked, a newly discovered shrimp named after the iconic music group can accomplish what Pink Floyd was unable to with sound.

According to BBC, scientists at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History have discovered a new species of snapping shrimp with a giant, neon-pink claw. Thanks to a pact between some of the scientists, this shrimp has been dubbed with the scientific name Synalpheus pinkfloydi. That's hard to say, so we'll just go with "Pink Floyd Shrimp" instead.


As part of the snapping shrimp family, the Pink Floyd Shrimp carries around a supersonic bazooka of death and destruction in the form of its massive pink claw. It's not just responsible for the shrimp's name: in one millisecond, it can snap that claw and generate a sound equivalent to 210 decibels, killing small fish in the nearby area.

For comparison, the average rock concert dials in at around 120 decibels and at 160 decibels, your eardrums would burst. Basically, the Pink Floyd Shrimp is a real-life Pokémon.

Now if only it could sing like Pink Floyd as well.