McDonald's Japan Is Smothering Their Fries In Carbonara Sauce

Photo courtesy of McDonald's Japan

When it comes to fast food fries, McDonald's is pretty high up on the list for me. Just give me a piping hot batch straight from the fryer, a generous amount of salt, and some packets of Sweet 'n Sour sauce and I'm set.

There's isn't much to pull me out of my fry routine at McDonald's, but their newest offering in Japan may make me want to reconsider: Carbonara Fries.


While the sauce isn't the traditional version made with eggs and pancetta, the Japanese variation features a three-cheese blend made with milk, smoked bacon, and black pepper.

Not too long ago, McDonald's Japan had a similar offering they called "Try [and] Pour Some Cheese Bolognese" which essentially had guests pouring a cheesy bolognese directly onto their fries. If this loaded fry trend continues in Japan, I'm anxious to see it potentially arrive in the United States.

I guess time will tell, but until then, Mcdonald's Carbonara fries will be available at participating locations in Japan for a limited time.