McDonald's Japan Now Lets You Smother Fries In A Cheesy Bolognese Sauce

It seems these days McDonald's fries are getting all kinds of fancy upgrades. The latest installment in next-level fry technology comes from McDonald's Japan.

SoraNews reports that the new limited-time offering roughly translates to Try [and] Pour Some Cheese Bolognese Fries and they're exactly what they sound like.


The savory side features McDonald's classic French fries topped with a meaty bolognese sauce that's combined with melted white cheddar cheese. McDonald's variation of bolognese sauce includes ground beef and pork, caramelized onions, tomatoes, garlic, and black pepper — which actually sounds delicious.

McDonald's Try [and] Pour Some Cheese Bolognese Fries is available at all participating locations throughout Japan beginning Feb. 28 through the end of March.