Kanye West Tried To Cut In Line At Franklin BBQ, Got Rejected Real Quick

bbq line

Giant hype lines aren't anything new at popular restaurants, and if you have connections with the restaurant, maybe you'll get a chance to skip the crowds and go straight in.

That's probably what Kanye West thought he could do with the power of his name being enough to cut the line at Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas.


To put in perspective how the crazy line works at Franklin BBQ, people start camping out at 8 a.m. when the BBQ joint doesn't even open until 11 a.m.. You can watch 'Interstellar' in its entirety within that time.

According to New York Times, there was a time that Yeezy wasn't down for that line and decided he'd try to jump up to the front, because he's Kanye West. General Manager Benjamin Jacob told the Times that "Kanye West wanted to cut the line, but we didn't let him. Everybody's equal."


The one exception to their no-cutting policy was president Barack Obama in 2014. You don't make the POTUS wait in line. And I would assume the same goes for, like, the Pope. Unless they want to burn in hell over a piece of brisket.

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