IKEA Made Cooking Recipes In The Most IKEA Way Possible

Even IKEA's easiest furniture-building instructions somehow turn into nightmares that have you punching walls and throwing screwdrivers at the TV.

With that in mind, we can easily see these simple cooking directions going awry, even though they seem to be the easiest thing in the world.

In collaboration with a Toronto marketing company called Leo Burnett, IKEA gave out meal kits to some of its Canadian customers, where all they had to do was put the ingredients on the instructional edible parchment paper, filling the blanks, roll up the paper with the food within, and throw it in the oven.


The blank spaces on the parchment were carefully measured to make sure you're putting an adequate amount of ingredients on the page.

The recipes were for baked salmon, baked ravioli, shrimp, and a rhubarb and raspberry crumble.

IKEA said these recipes are for people who "find new foods and recipes to be intimidating," so they created the easiest cooking instructions imaginable.


This takes pre-portioned meal services to the next level, as it doesn't get any easier than just filling in blanks with food.

It was a fun stunt, but really should be incorporated by those selling meal kits.

These cooking directions are almost dummy proof, but then again, so was my IKEA coffee table and it still took me seven hours to put it together.