How To Make Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls In 3 Easy Steps


It's about that time where pumpkin starts to overtake kitchens and ridiculous orangey creations fill the autumn air.

While things like pumpkin spice chicken sausage and pumpkin spice Mini Wheats might leave you shaking your head, this pumpkin pie cinnamon roll makes a lot more sense and actually sounds pretty delicious.


The Oh, Bite It cooking blog has blessed us with a recipe that mercifully leaves out the spice and uses pumpkin, straight up.

You'll need some cinnamon rolls, obviously, which you can make from scratch, or just use the Pillsbury canned stuff, which is what Oh, Bite It did. Then use a pumpkin pie mix and cream cheese frosting to fill in the cinnamon rolls.

Oh, Bite It essentially just smears the pumpkin pie mix over the laid out cinnamon rolls, rolls them up and bakes them for about 12 minutes.


It really looks like a quick and easy fall treat that doesn't take hardcore baking skills, just the right ingredients, and some basic reading comprehension.

For more complete cooking directions straight from the source, and other dope recipes, check out Oh, Bite It.