Guy Fieri Says He 'Really Don't Give A S**t' What You Think About Him

Chef and TV Host Guy Fieri has no idea how he became such a high-powered pop culture icon, and as much love as he gets from his popularity, he gets a lot of hate too.

To the haters, Fieri said, "I really don't give a shit," while taking First We Feast's Hot Ones chicken wing challenge.

During the wing-filled interview, where guests eat 10 hot wings, each one hotter than the next, host Sean Evans asked Fieri if all the negativity surrounding his clothes, or hairstyle ever get to him, and apparently, it doesn't. If his mom where to say something, then it'd be different, because he actually cares about what she thinks.

"I really don't give a shit. It's not that I don't think people should have their opinion, they should have their opinion, but I really don't get too tied up with it. If my mom walks up to me and says, 'Hey... don't ever wear that shirt again on the show.' All right, no more shirt."


He did admit that it has been annoyed by others sometime, though:

"Have I ever been annoyed about something? Without question. I'm human... but do I let it get in the way of my day? Not at all."

Within the interview, Fieri discussed being a meme sensation, Rachel Ray being gangster, and he even took down all 10 wings without drinking a single drop of water or milk, something no guest ever does on the challenge.

That is the legend: Guy Fieri.