Study Shows The Cubs Win More When Fans Eat These Foods

Game 7 of the World Series is upon us and either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians will be crowned as champions.

Both teams have their own bouts with superstitions like Billy Goat curses and long championship droughts, so fans might want to pay close attention to this one.

Delivery service Grubhub analyzed the food ordered by both teams' cities this season, and determined which food correlated with their teams winning.

Essentially, when fans ordered these food items during the regular season, the Cubs and Indians somehow won more games.

You may or may not believe in these silly superstitions, but if your team is about to close out a victory, do you really want to risk it?


Here's What Cubs Fans Want To Eat Before The Game


  1.  Hamachi kama was ordered 145% more when Cubs won than when they lost
  2.  Mac and cheese was ordered 117% more
  3.  Black bean taco was ordered 111% more
  4.  Hriatiki salad was ordered 91% more
  5.  Shepherd salad was ordered 88% more

Basically if you're a Cubs fan right now, you want to grub on some Hamachi Kama, the juicy collar of the yellowtail fish. When Chicagoans ordered Hamachi from Grubhub, the Cubs won 145 percent more times than when not. Sure you can try to order some of the other stuff, but you run the risk of the win percentage decreasing.



Here's What Indians Fans Want To Eat Before The Game


  1. Shrimp tempura roll was ordered 124% more when Indians won than when they lost
  2. Tuna melt was ordered 121% more
  3. Vegetable roll was ordered 119% more
  4. Meat pizza was ordered 113% more
  5. Turkey club was ordered 111% more

Indians fans need to jump on that shrimp tempura roll, ASAP. They're dangerously close to blowing a 3-to-1 series lead, and you'd think every bit of luck is necessary.

Best of luck to both teams, if you believe in that kind of thing.