Is Ghost Pepper Here To Stay As A New Halloween Food?

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Typically during the fall season, we see an influx of new Pumpkin Spice-themed items hit chains and retailers. This year, however, we've noticed that ghost pepper items have spiked in the food space.

Possibly the most viral of this season's ghost pepper trend is the strawberry and ghost pepper flavored donut released by Dunkin'. The item made headlines nationwide, gaining virility with streamers and influencers trying the spicy cake.

Deemed the world's hottest canned chili, Hormel Chili launched a new flavor that combines Ghost Pepper with Carolina Reaper that would be available to fans this week at


A unique take on Hot Chicken, this specialty pizza from Blaze features a Ghost Pepper Chicken Meatball and is finished with a Scorpion Pepper slaw.

So why are Ghost Pepper items popping up more in the past few weeks? Coinciding with the Halloween season, leaning heavily towards anything ghost-related is sure to make headlines.

Another alternative is that folks' threshold for heat has been increasing over the past years. Items that would typically be featured on YouTube videos are now readily available for public consumption.

Ghost Pepper fans, could this be the golden age?