Deviled Duck Ham & Pimento Cheese Pocket Pastry

Your days of basic Hot Pocket consumption might be on pause, at least for one day. Introducing the Deviled Duck Ham & Pimento Cheese Pocket Pastry.

Ding. Your microwave just announced the complete transition of your frozen brick pastry to the volcanic treat that gives the roof of your mouth third degree burns. For some reason, even though this food takes minutes to prepare instead of the hours actually involved creating a pastry dough and filling, the three minutes you've been waiting is the longest of your life.

Longer than your child's birth. Longer than the Lord of The Rings marathon you watched that included all alternative endings, deleted scenes and never-seen-before footage. Longer than the Catholic wedding you just attended that included the ceremonial rites of a newly ordained bishop before the nuptials.


But your pocket has arrived. And within minutes, similar to your late-night fast food cravings, you're semi-full but not satisfied (whilst also tending to your burns). Then, the thought occurs. What if someone made an elevated version of this pocketed pastry. What would it look like? What would be inside? AND WHY HAVEN'T I TASTED IT YET?!

hot pocket pimento cheese duck chef boullt social ooze fest foodbeast

Chef Jeff Boullt of Orange County's Social has finally created a pocket pastry that brings the best nostalgia of your guilty microwave pleasures combined with the perfect mixture of contemporary and delicious ingredients. The pocket is outfitted with deviled duck ham (what?!), pimento cheese and finished with a smoked onion jam.


Southern Californians and lucky travelers will have a single day to experience this delight during our 1-day cheese festival, FOODBEAST Presents Ooze Fest on Saturday, October 10 in Santa Ana, CA. We're premiering 20+ cheese creations, with your ticket giving you access to all of them. Oh, and it includes craft beer tastings. Yeah, you should get on this.

Early bird pricing for the festival continues until 5 PM on August 27th. $40 General Admission, $65 VIP - which gives you access to the food an hour ahead of general admission.

We're still accepting vendor applications for the festival, although space is limited. If you're interested in debuting a new and original cheese item, please send us a line here.

Photo credit: Hughes Hoang