Daym Drops Proclaims KFC's Georgia Gold 'The World's Greatest Fried Chicken'

YouTube superstar Daym Drops doesn't hold anything back in his reviews of fast food chains and restaurants. He'll call them out on things, but he'll also praise them when the restaurants create something amazing that he loves.

When he does do that, as he just did this past week, y'all want to pay attention and get some for yourself.

Last week, Daym headed over to KFC to try their new Georgia Gold Chicken, which is basically a honey mustard barbeque fried chicken that people have been LOVING. While he wasn't immediately impressed that he got it in a container labeled "Nashville Hot", biting into the fried chicken changed his view on the Georgia Gold almost instantly.

"This might be... the best flavored chicken... that I've had... in a long time."


He was so in love with this chicken that he had to take three HUGE bites before even being able to talk about it. KFC's Georgia Gold just had him from first bite.

That's gotta be a show right there of how tasty Georgia Gold really is. When a YouTube star whose profession it is to literally try everything there is in fast food (including fried chicken) makes a bold statement like that, you know it's super official.

You don't make a video titled "The World's Greatest Fried Chicken" if you don't honestly think that it's the world's best fried chicken.

If you haven't tried KFC's Georgia Gold yet, head over to your local KFC and see if you agree with Daym Drops or not.