Georgia Gold Chicken is KFC's Latest Item Drumming Up Excitement


Last year, Kentucky Fried Chicken brought Nashville Hot Chicken to nationwide locations and we suddenly had one great reason to frequent the fried chicken chain.

Now, KFC will be introducing a new regional style of chicken that's we can't wait to get our greasy hands on: Georgia Gold Chicken. The Gold chicken is available in Extra Crispty Chicken Tenders, Chicken Littles, and Extra Crispy Chicken. The KFC chicken is tossed in a special sweet and tangy honey mustard BBQ sauce and served with pickles.


KFC had a test run for the new menu item at select locations around the country, but will now be offering the Georgia Gold Chicken nationwide on Jan. 29, reports Chew Boom.

If the quality is anywhere near the same as KFC's Nashville Hot Chicken, KFC's onto yet another treasure trove.