Chipotle To Double Its Food Giveaways, Hoping You'll Return


Chipotle has been handing out bad cases of E. Coli lately and it feels like people wouldn't touch a free burrito from them with a 10-foot pole, but that won't stop the fast food giant from trying.

According to CNBC, Chipotle is doubling the amount of free food stores can give out, hoping that all will be forgiven and those who ran away, will return.

Each individual store will be free to conduct whatever giveaways they feel fit as the increased budget is at the franchise owner's discretion.


The burrito chain's stock fell by 40 percent over the past year and got no help after an E. Coli outbreak that affected over 50 people across the US . A month later, they still haven't found the source of the E. coli as the investigation by the CDC continues.

To all the brave souls willing to risk the possible diarrhea, may the burrito gods have mercy on you.

h/t eater