Chipotle's E. Coli Spread To More States Than Originally Thought

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It usually takes the Center for Disease Control and Prevention a while to get clear results about an outbreak. Little by little, additional cases start trickling in and it changes everything.

Because of this, the CDC had an update Friday, saying Chipotle's E. Coli outbreak actually spread across nine different states instead of the original six that were last reported in November.

Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland now join Oregon, California, Washington, Minnesota, New York and Ohio, bringing up the recorded E. Coli cases to 52, instead of the original 45.


Of the newer cases reported, only one person claimed they ate Chipotle the week before, but overall, 90 percent of the total affected said they definitely ate Chipotle.

The first case was reported back in October, but the CDC is still trying to find out exactly what food caused the illness.

Still no deaths reported, but 20 have been hospitalized.