Madman Makes A McDonald's Cheeseburger-Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

OMMMMFFFFGGGGGG!!! stoners deluxe XXL!!! Chicago style stuffed pizza w/ mc donalds cheese burgers..

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Our buddy Tym Bussanich is no stranger to over-the-top food mashups, but you have to imagine he sparked up one of his infamous bongs before putting together this one. Bussanich recently posted a video to his Instagram account where he stuffed seven McDonald's cheeseburgers within a Chicago-style deep dish pizza.


The recipe starts off innocently enough with a large cheese-topped pizza crust, but then the cheeseburgers start getting unwrapped and you think, 'What the hell is going on right now?'

"I went to Papa Murphy's and bought their Chicago stuffed crust pizza, but told them to put all the toppings on the side," Bussanich said. "Then I went to McDonald's and bought seven regular cheeseburgers."


After the cheeseburgers were added to the bottom pizza, yet another cheese pizza, this one medium, was placed on top. That's when Tym topped the pie with Papa Murphy's pepperoni, meatballs, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and green peppers.

After 35 minutes in the oven, set at 350 degrees, out came the burger-filled deep dish.



What started off as a cheese pizza, transformed into a deep dish-like, cheeseburger-stuffed, monstrosity.

The cheese pull at the end of the video is everything as it leaves our mouths watering and our hearts envious.