Carl's Jr.'s Now Testing Jalapeno Popper-Stuffed 'El Diablo' Burger


I guess jalapeño poppers are the new bacon.

Brand Eating reports that Carl's Jr. is testing a new burger they're calling "El Diablo." The thickburger features a 1/2 pound Angus patty, sliced jalapeño, bacon, cheesy jalapeño poppers and a habanero sauce. The burger was spotted at a Carl's location in Stevenson Ranch, Calif.


Interestingly enough, Jack In The Box released a similar concept earlier in June with their Hella-Peno Burger. Jack's burger featured jalapeños and deep-fried jalapeño poppers. While fast-food chains are competing to create the most sellable jalapeño-popper burger, the stoners of the world are ecstatic.

El Diablo translate to "The Devil" in Spanish. This could either be a reference to the overall spiciness of the burger or the hellish bathroom experience that follows.