You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off This 'Blossoming' Hot Chocolate

In a deep-fried, cheese-pull driven industry, it's always great to see something unique and whimsical every now and again. Dominique Ansel, the man behind Cronuts, just introduced beautiful new beverages to his bakery in New York City.

At Dominique Ansel Bakery, an unsuspecting cup of hot chocolate is given a marshmallow flower. As the flower hits the hot liquid, it "blossoms" immediately into the drink, making for one of the rare foods that's worth a social video.

Ansel's Tokyo location features another version of this drink that's made with a purple marshmallow flower.


Watching the flower unfold reminds us of the awesome holiday stop motion movies that should make their way onto broadcast television within the next few weeks.

We might need to make another trip out to NYC to try this for ourselves. Heck, even Tokyo's a possibility.

Cover Photo: Mike Chau | FoodbabyNY