McDonald's In Japan Debuted A Deep-fried Pork Katsu Burger Stuffed With Cheese


McDonald's Japan has introduced a new burger that's sure to delight cheese lovers as much as fried pork lovers. A new sandwich made its debut at the Japanese McDonald's chains that features a pork katsu cutlet oozing with cheese inside, Rocket News 24 reports.

Gotta admit, we've never tried pork katsu with cheese before. Should be an interesting adventure for our stomachs.

The Cheese Katsu Burger features a breaded, deep fried pork patty that's filled with cheese. Once ordered and deep fried, the cheese will start oozing as patrons bite into the crispy goodness. McDonald's new sandwich is also topped with cabbage and some mayonnaise.


You can find the new sandwich at participating McDonald's Japan locations starting Nov. 2 for a limited time. Each burger costs about 390 yen ($3.72 US).