Back In Black: The Dopest Ice Cream Trend We've Seen In Years

The newest trend to hit the confectionary world is the Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream, and it's just in time for summer.

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in NYC just took the aesthetic factor of ice cream to another level with their super saturated, jet black, coconut ice cream.


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The magic ingredient responsible for this beautiful ice cream is coconut ash which Morgenstern himself explains as "the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell." He tells Mic that the ingredients include coconut cream, coconut flakes and the ash, and also explains that the ash is activated charcoal which has been said to yield health benefits, although no studies have yet to prove this.


It's beautiful, rich, dark color places it on par with other Instagram-worthy food and beverage trends that have been all over social media lately like the Starbucks Pink drink and the Orange drink which quite possibly reached the Instagram Hall of Fame with its exploding popularity.

Other recent notable ice cream trends include the neon glow in the dark ice cream and black sesame ice cream (whose color doesn't come close to the shade of black they have achieved with this one).

Morgenstern's shop focuses on originality with its ice cream while also staying away from additives and coloring, keeping it as natural as can be.


They've definitely hit the social media jackpot with this one. Will this be the most Instagrammable sweet treat of the summer? We think yes.

Photo Credit: Elite Daily