Black Sesame Ice Cream Might Cause You to Poop Grey


Most of us associate the color grey with dreary London skies, mystery mush at the cafeteria and that unfortunate book, 50 Shades of . . . I won't even go there. The thought of dusky food rarely strikes us as appetizing, and the majority prefers their food to be pink, plush and vibrant. That is, until this photo of black sesame ice cream was spotted on Reddit a few days ago and flaming f*ck balls, does it look cool.



According to a few folks on Reddit, this unique treat can be found at nearly any Asian supermarket. Some describe the flavor as similar to "black currant" or "smoky vanilla," while others simply compare the taste to "death" (whatever that means). I imagine black sesame ice cream to be more savory than sweet, since sesame itself carries a mild nutty flavor, as some Redditors have noted.


For those concerned about the shade of their bathroom leavings, do be warned that eating this grey-colored treat may give you "weird poop the next day," as one Redditor so eloquently put it. This last bit hardly discourages us. If anything, our interest is only further piqued.

PicThx Reddit