Maki-Juana: Colorado Restaurant Offers Weed and Sushi Pairings


Public toking is still illegal in Colorado (which legalized the sale of recreational marijuana on January 1st), but there's nothing stopping you from recreating these weed-sushi pairings at home, now is there?

For when a regular taco run just won't cut it, Colorado sushi mini-chain Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar recently rolled out a mock marijuana - sushi pairing menu, suggesting which strains might pair best with a plate of Pakaloko Shrimp, honey miso salmon, or katsu curry (Pakistani Kush, Sour OG, and Blue Dream, in case you were wondering).



No weed is actually available in-store, but Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director of the agency who designed the menu, insists, "Some thought was put into them."

The mini-chain has also introduced a series of tongue-in-cheek ads and table placards, like the one pictured below, demonstrating the kinds of enlightened conversations it hopes will take place in its stoner-friendly restaurants:



"Effective January 1

The management of the Hapa Restaurant Group reserves the right to serve customers who discuss:

'How cool their pets are and that fish would make cool pets but you would have to live in the ocean to hang out with them and this weed is really good and do you think pets like us as much as we like them and would they be happier if they were free and are fish happier than our pets because we are always telling them what to do ……… but luckily we feed our dogs and….. but if you have a fish in a tank you would feed them and you would not eat them……… this weed is awesome and if you take fish home it should e a cat bag and not a dog bag because fish like, I mean cats like eating fish more than dogs do but dogs eat fish I think, my dog is so cool he will eat anything.'"

Now how about a follow-up sake pairing menu for that drymouth?